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Villa in Orlando - Villa in Kissimmee
If you are looking to rent a Home or Condominium in the Walt Disney World & South Orlando area...

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Lake Buena Vista Area Resorts

In a class by themselves, this section will focus on the Area Resorts and some of the 'World Class' facilities that are associated with these properties.

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Most of these will be found on the far West and East fringes of the Lake Buena Vista area, where many of the newer and larger Resorts can be found.

In this area alone we are aware of as many as 5 of this type. Though many of these have been built as 'Vacation Ownership' Resorts (formerly referred to as Time-Shares), like many an accommodation type, there are still nightly rentals available and usually at surprisingly low rates. 

These offers generally do not impose any conditions other than paying a nightly rate. In addition to this, there is another program that has been implemented by these Resorts over the years called 'Mini-Vacations'. These are primarily sales tools for ownership programs.

Even though there are usually no conditions applied to renting a villa from these Resorts, it still remains a marketing opportunity. Don't be surprised if you're asked to attend a presentation. It may be in the form of a written invitation in your villa or a phone call from the concierge just to make sure your room is impeccable. Check that you are aware of all the stipulations that might apply to you getting such a good price.

The facilities of these Resorts are usually 'World Class' in nature. In fact, they're usually known for some outstanding facility whether it's the overall quality of the accommodations or even their own Golf Course.

Just another choice to be made when considering to vacation in the Lake Buena Vista area…

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